7th November - Today's News: Several Dead as Floods Hit France & Italy

Flood alerts in Turin as river levels rise after rain, further south, Naples braces for flooding after heavy rains, whilst in the France floods - 3 dead, 100s evacuated after the Herault regions saw one years worth of rain in four days. Worth noting that 700mm is more than twice we've seen fall in Evesham all year.

And in Thailand, floods approach Bangkok's rail system as northern provinces start cleaning up

Deadly landslide strikes western Colombia

Now officially over, the 2011 hurricane season costliest, deadliest in three years. All because of Irene and Lee.

In Britain, autumn doesn't know whether its coming or going - though I would blame that on weather, not climate change. And I very much doubt the Highland midge has ever waited until July befor emaking an appearance! April is usual though it's not till late May or June they become a nuisance. There were none about in mid October this year.

Oklahoma shaken by 5.6 magnitude earthquake, causing quite a bit of damage.

And it's been claimed wind farms 'disrupt military radar and inhibit weather tracking'


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