16th November - Today's News: October 2nd Warmest on Record for Global Land Surface

October 2011 the 10th warmest on record - but for land areas it was the 2nd warmest, indicating a continuing overall warming whilst La Nina produces cooler ocean surfaces. NOAA report here

Record warm Irish temperatures fools Mother Nature that it is springtime

For the first time in a decade, Anglia Water seeks winter drought order. Whilst across the Channel too low French water tables need heavy winter rains - and frankly at present there is nothing in the long range probability models to suggest either us or the French will get it with overall a drier than average winter looking most likely. Though I've a feeling another run of warm, wet and windy winters aren't too far away.

And on the subject of lack of rain, Texas fire season roars on, with no end in sight

In contrast, for Cyprus: excessive rain causes further problems and it's cold there too.

A very interesting piece by Jonathan Amos on weather satellites and the gathering storm - we take the data gathered by satellites so much for granted now. But can we afford it? What if suddenly it wasn't there?

Concerns as UHI research warns of 'black Christmases' in Santa town - now there's a scary prospect is global warming predictions hold true: Father Christmas's sleigh will be bogged down in mud!

The storm chasers of Utah are swapping tornadoes for snowstorms

And it seems that the forthcoming IPCC report will state that temperature extremes 'virtually certain' to rise - though I understand the report specifies a lot of unknowns (whether known unknowns or unknown unknowns I couldn't say!).

Though to counter that, Russian scientists predict 100 years cooling! Only a blog report on that as it doesn't appear to have been picked up by the media. The actual report though can be read here.

It's not just long term climate that is changing though, as erratic, extreme, day-to-day weather puts climate change in new light.

And with the end of the world as we know it just over 12 months away, some good news as it's reported supervolcanoes: not a threat for 2012.

The strange rubbing boulders of Atacama have sat around for millions of years, slowly, slowly, slowly eroding each time an earthquake shakes them.


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