11th May - Today's News: The Royal Weather Forecast is a Global Hit

Prince Charles weather forecast sweeps the globe - an unexpected PR coup.  He did quite a good job too.

Leicester Grand Union Canal to reopen after April showers  whilst Yorkshire's borehole water boosted by April rain.   Here in the Vale it's been the May rain that has helped more - with over 50mm already this month (that's more than normal for the whole of May).   And as well as the rain, April temperatures lowest since 1989, Met Office data shows.   And although it finally hit a muggy 20c here (and in other parts) yesterday, May could yet end the coldest since 1996.

Heatwave blamed for killing 4,450 pelicans on Peru's beaches - but what killed 900 dolphins and porpoises?

Turbulence ahead: flight heads into storm's heart to better understand what causes heavy rainfall

Sallachy wind farm would harm wild land, SNH says - so will money or environmental concern win through? 

Do we really know where we're going?  Slower Sun leaves no shick wave and is moving slower and in a different direction through the galaxy then previously thought

Mayan art and calendar at Xultan stun archaeologists - and disappoint those expecting the world to end this December.  The calendar lasts for 7,000 years .....

And finally, Aviemore collie Molly to tackle final Corbett - I'm only on 52!


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