15th May - Today's News: Heavy Snow Surprises Sarajevo

Snow hits Bosnian capital - very unusual for May, epsecially since temperatures there at the weekend had been in the 80s fahrenheit.  More pictures here.

And I'm not sure how reliable this report is, though it's certainly possible Wolverhampton shivers in snow as wintry weather returns to the Midlands.   Sleet was forecast in any heavier showers early this morning, though hail is more likely through the cause of today.   Does feel a bit chilly for May although overall temperatures are not actually that far below the 61-90 average.  Not going to be the coldest in 100 years, that's for sure.  Provisionally to the 13th the CET is 9.7c which is 0.9c below normal which if it stood would make this the coldest May since 1996 (which had a final figure of 9.1c).  The year as a whole is currently running at 0.7c above average.

And a warning to those seeking warmer weather elsewhere as British tourist, 78, collapses and dies in 40c heat during guided walk in Grand Canaria.   You wouldn't catch me going outside in conditions like that!   I'd like some warm sunshine in North Wales for my holiday at the end of the month, but not that hot thank you!  20c would be nice.

Aletta forms as first storm in Eastern Pacific, NHC says - it's not expected to make landfall.

'Mini tornado' damages several homes in NZ, whilst skiers were pleased to see the first snow of 2012 at Mt Ruapehu

Lightning brings seismic surprise for a German scientist

Could the River Thames be longer than the River Severn?  Sound to me like it is.   And also, it would seem, longer than the Shannon (which is 224 miles).   Although the other question is: how to do measure the mouth of a river?   Where do these rivers actually end...?  

It's suggested that nearly one tenth of hemisphere's mammals unlikely to outrun climate change - and I'm pleased to see the paper's co-author say "I think it's important to point out that in the past when climates have changed -- between glacial and interglacial periods when species ranges contracted and expanded -- the landscape wasn't covered with agricultural fields, four-lane highways and parking lots, so species could move much more freely across the landscape,"   Exactly!


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