18th May 2012 - Today's News: Hundreds Flee US Wildfires

Here in Britain, wild spring weather baffles bugs - but they'll be pleased to hear that current signs are that the predicted change to warmer, more settled, weather looks like setting in from next week.  Just hope it lasts through to June!

1,000 years of climate data confirms Australia's warming  OMG they killed the MWP!  And no surrprise that the anti-science mob (who refuse to accept any suggestion that the MWP, ending around 700 years ago, wasn't warmer than today everywhere in the world) don't like that (as usual, many of the comments are quite amusing for their naivety and blind ignorance whilst others are just plain silly and childishly petulant). 

I posted the Daily Mail story on this earlier in the week, but always good to have a less 'journalistic' source: Humanmade pollutants may be driving Earth's tropical belt expansion


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