8th May 2012 - Supercell Spawns Tornadoes in England

Rather a wet Bank Holiday here and we've now had 90% of the average rainfall for the whole of May, with more expected tonight and tormorrow - looks certain to be a wetter month than April and maybe the first with over 100mm since August 2010.   My May record stands at 121.4mm in 2007.

Tornado reported during storm in Oxfordshire yesterday afternoon

While more wet weather could spark outbreaks of deadly asthma attacks

And in Scotland, springtime shivers as Arctic snap to continue with Britain back on flood alert as a month's worth of rain to fall in 24 hours (bet it doesn't!) - the article's not that good, the comments that follow are hilarious.   Or would be if the folk making them weren't actually serious about their ignorance!

Major rescue operation following deadly tornado in Japan

New research brings satellite measurements and global climate models closer

Diageo to end funding of Heartland Institute after climate change outburst

Environment Agency head Lord Smith to support fracking extension

Solar storms threaten life as we know it

And apparently gaseous emission from dinosaurs may have warmed prehistoric Earth


  1. Even in Italy in April and May rains spread, as has not happened in years.
    The climate is undergoing strong changes.
    perhaps reduce greenhouse gases, would be appropriate...
    have a nice day..

  2. That's interesting to hear - it's not easy to find much English language news from Italy so I don't often pick up on what the weather is like there. Of course, whether all this is just natural variation, or at least partly due to AGW remains to be seen. Just because changes in weather are predicted, does not necessarily means that changes in weather verify the prediction.


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