9th May - Today's News: Warmest 12 Month Period on Record in USA

One for the global coolers as NOAA announce that 2012 is USA warmest year on record, so far .   The past 12 months have also been the warmest on record as a whole and April the 3rd warmest on record.

What caused the Bicester Twister?  - the article is better than the headline.

Swamped Nepal village dug out after floods that killed at least 23 people

Smallest mammoths found on Crete - whilst such dwarfism is common amomgst species isolated on islands with few or no natural predators, the question I keep coming back to is: how did they get their in the first place???

And there's been a big rise in Pacific waste - the true, ever-lasting, legacy of human stupidity and lack of respect for himself and the planet.  In millions of years time, the Anthropocene will be readily identified by microscopic plastic particles found in sedimentary rocks all around the world.   


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