4th May 2012 - Today's News: More Rain ....

Well, it's the morning of the 4th May and already we've had 55% of normal average rainfall for the whole month here, whilst yesterday, the max of 8.8c made it my coldest May day on record.  The Workman Gardens are under water again today, and although the river should drop again over the weekend, it's no surprise that the British asparagus festival cancelled due to flooding along with the rowing regatta as well as wet weather ruins Bank Holiday weekend in Evesham

About 20 people rescued from cars after flooding in Suffolk

Andy whilst there'll only be snow on the Scottish hills (as happens every May) and winds will be light, Met Office warns of -2c and a chance of snow as bitter winds sweep Britain over the weekend.

But some better news as cold weather heralds bumber strawberry crop this year

And a further nail in the coffin of 'Clovis first' as a study shows that early North Americans lived with extinct giant beasts


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