28th May 2012 - TS Beryl Hits SE USA

Tropical Storm Beryl whips northwest Florida and southern Georgia - an early season landfall

Almost another record temperature at the weekend in Britai as Cromdale in Strathspey recorded 29.0c equalling the all time Scottish record for May, but sadly, hot weather marred by water deaths whilst nearly every North Wales rescue team called out as hot weather sparks crowds and chaosAnd the really good news is the sunshine will last to June bank holiday - though it'll be cooler and maybe not so nice down the British east coast as it will in Ireland and Wales.

And it's not just been us, as Swedes bask in record May highs as well.

More summer heatwaves likely in Europe - and we may be able to predict them based on winter and spring rainfall.  In other words, pattern matching.


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