30th May - Today's News: Downpour Causes Chaos in Montreal

This will be the last entry until the end of next week as I'm away camping in North Wales.

Italy quake: search for survivors in Emilia Romagna where at 16 sixteen people have died

Here's a surprise (not): EU greenhouse emissions rise despite climate change polices (and us all supposedly being broke)

Greenland's loss of ice mass during the last 10 years us unusually high compared to last 50 years.   But, apparently, lost photos prove Greenland's ice was melting faster 80 years ago than today

However, climate change isn't to blame for melting glacier in Bolivia, but our aerosols are.  In other words, it's not the sun, cosmic rays, the oceans, rebound from the LIA or anything else the sceptics suggest.  It's human activity.   Pure and simple.   Oh ....


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