16th May 2012 - Snow in May? It's Not Unusual!

Two hurt as lightning hits flats in Belmont, Hereford - had a very little bit of hail here yesterday; no thunder or lightning.  And there was snow in mid-May as forecasters warn of possible summer washout (so that's a heatwave on the way then!).  Of course, as the Met Office rightly point out, the last time we had snow in May was in 2011.  And before that we have to go all the way back to 2010 .......   Does look like the second half of the month will be a bit warmer now with temperatures at least average, perhaps above at times.  Perhaps not quite as good as I thought back in April, but rather better than Piers Corbyn forecast!

: the latest rants from Piers on the Climaterealists website mention "our LR forecast graph which warned of bigger cold blasts in 2nd half of May" (my emphasis) and that "On current projections Central England Temperatures will be between the coldest in 100 years and the 5th coldest in 100 years. That estimates how unusual it is."  As previously noted, it'll probably be the coldest in 16 years (1996 was just 9.1c - the next coldest in the recent run of mostly very warm Mays was 2010 with 10.7c).  To be the (joint) 5th coldest in the past 100 years we'd need a CET of  9.8c.  Only 9 years in the past 100 have had a CET of 10c of lower.  Currently it stands at 9.6c, but as mentioned above, temps look like being higher over the second half of this month.  I wouldn't be surprised if it ends not much different to 2010 ....

It's been Sydney's driest start to May in 130 years whilst in NZ, they've just had the first snow for winter 2012

Is Lovelock right?  Sulfur finding may hold key to Gaia theory of Earth as living organism

And new evidence that a little radiation isn't all that bad: at low dose rate, radiation poses little risk to DNA according to a new study.   Most of our fears about radiation come from studies on short term, but very high dose rates.


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