12th January - Today's News: Asteroid Apophis Won't Hit Earth in 2036

The world won't end.  Again.   NASA rules out Earth impact in 2036 for asteroid Apophis - damn, I was rather looking forward to it ....

Oh, and "credit" to Piers Corbyn who has not only finally jumped on the sudden stratospheric warming bandwagon (just a few years late - though he's quick to criticise the MetO for explaining to the public what it is, before he discovered it) but also issuing a 'public warning' for cold weather starting this weekend, just days after everyone else .......   Though of course Piers goes for far more snow than anyone else.  And if one garden in one street in one village anywhere in Britain gets more snow than in 2010, then you'll know he was right!  His mate Nathan Rao has predicted the worst freeze for 20 years.  Make that 1 year and even he might be right!  Mind, the stories kicks 0ff wirh a blatant lie - there were no blizzards anywhere near Cumbria yesterday (and it's a stock picture used previously) .......  it's like publishing last year's football scores and claiming the are yesterday's results.

It does look like many parts could be in for quite a bit of snow on Monday, though how long it lingers on the ground and whether we get more in the week to top it up very much remains to be seen.  It's not looking exceptionally cold at the moment though, just a normal spell of wintry weather in mid winter.


  1. your comments about Piers Corbyn are unpleasant inaccurate, he is way ahead off most in medium and long range forecasting

    1. Ha, Essan's comments are pleasantly accurate. Seriously you have to be kidding Button. He's not way ahead of, he's way off any other forecaster or forecast whether for short or long term. He's a total fraud and should be labelled jobsworth by his peers!! He has no respect in the meteorological world or any forum that I've seen........just a few select indiviuals follow him for some reason. Are you a cult???

  2. My comments are based on many years of reading Piers Corbyn's 'forecasts' and 'press releases' and undertaking detailed evaluation of some specific forecasts.

    It's worth noting that amateurs on interent forums were discussing SSW events years before Piers heard of them. And I understand that the current one was predicted by Stuart Rampling on Net-wx back in November ..... (as per a comment on Piers' own message board!)


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