9th January - Today's News: 2012 Warmest on Record in USA

Hottest on record: 2012 was America's warmest ever year - per latest data from NOAA .  It was also the second worst year for extreme weather.  And suggestions are that US 2012 heat record 'partly due to climate change'.

Which makes it even more ironic that the anti-science lobby and some tabloids are claiming global warming has stalled since 1998 -  in fact it's done nothing of the sort: future temperatures are simply expected to continue rising at a slightly lower rate than previously predicted.  For the truth, read what the Met Office actually say on their updates to our decadal forecast.   The annually updated, experimental, decadal forecast is here.   The BBC also offer a more sober report on how the MetO's climate model forecast revised.

Meanwhile, it looks like here in Britain, winter is coming!   Model output over the past couple of days has moved increasingly towards consensus on a spell of much colder weather for Britain from this weekend, with a risk of snow in the south as well.  Some uncertainty as to how long this initial spell will last, but overall the second half of January looks like being a lot more wintry than the first half has been.....  Not surprisingly the media have picked up on this, suggesting temperatures set to drop as low as -15c next week with cold weather front lasting until February - whilst it's not impossible, all such comments should at this stage be taken with a large dose of salt!  


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