22nd January - Today's News: Anger as Snow Disruption Continues

Travel disruption continues in snow - mainly in the north today, though the SW also saw some snow overnight and more snow to hit south-west and north-east England today.  We might get a little more in Evesham this evening: it's largely just patches of frozen slush left in town now.  And the temp hasn't fallen below -1.1c since the snow fell last Friday.   Hardly cold.

In the SE it's quite pathetic to see that snow causes misery for rail commuters.  Why?   It's not even severe cold or heavy snow!   Just normal winter weather such as we expect every year. 

But this is what I like to see:  Tattingstone Primary School defies the snow to open its doors to pupils.   Tattingstone is a small village off the main road, south of Ipswich, where I once reguarly drank.  The modern obsession with closing schools at the slightest hint of snow or ice does us no credit at all.  In fact it's something to be quite ashamed of. Back in winter '81/'82 I had to walk a mile through snowdrifts - and across fields because the road was blocked - in order to catch the school bus.  Never missed a day of school.   It's quite right IMO that parents hit out as snow shuts more than 5,000 schools

Sadly though, snow and freezing conditions claim another three lives

If you want real snow though, take a look at the pictures here in Snowpocalyse Russia: 'snow tsunami' swallows streets, cars buildings.   Of course, they get that most years.   But it puts the disruption in this country after a couple of inches into perspective!

Meanwhile, six billion tonnes of snow smother Germany - I wonder who weighed it all?   And Sunday's snow causes travel chaos in France whilst deadly deep freeze takes hold in Poland

While in northern Queensland, Cyclone Oswald brings rain and relief to farmers


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