28th January - Today's News: Queensland Floods

Flooding in Queensland not expected to be nearly as bad as in 2011, but this time they've had strong winds as well causing damage - including a fence and tree in my brothers' garden!

Australia floods leave hundreds stranded in Bundaberg with heartbreak as Qld flood crisis continues whilst in NSW, Lismore residents prepare to evacuate as torrential rain and wild winds head towards Sydney

Meanwhile, after sixth tornado hits southeast Queensland, there comtroversy as you say tornado, I say ..... tornadic squall: it seems some Australians are questioning whether they get tornadoes in Australia ......    At least all agree they don't get 'mini tornadoes'!

Here in Britain over the weekend, a lucky rescue as baby blown into Watchet Harbour water by gust of wind

M4 South Wales: 11 hurt in four-car crash after hail

Kayaker drowns in swollen river as big freeze turns into deadly deluge

And in Scotland, flooding hotspot hit again as snow melts

Plane catches on fire after lightning strike in Turkey

Indonesian killer landslides blamed on rain, logging

And new research suggests cities affect temperatures for thousands of miles, affecting atmospheric circulaton systems, including the jet stream, and causing regional warming - and cooling. 


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