29th January - Today's News: Ex-Oswald Brings Heavy Rain to Sydney

Did we experience the worst storm in years at the weekend?  Er, I don't think so.  Nor do the Met Office.  But when did the tabloid press ever allow facts get in the way of a misleading and false story?

Tornado hits Bristol Channel

And no surprise to me that there's doubt over Jakarta cloud seeding

Severe pollution shrouds Chinese capital.  Again.

Crisis-hit Greeks chop up forests to stay warm - damaging their long term future as so many have done before.  And creating more pollution .....

Climate change impacts to US coasts threaten public health, safety and economy, report finds   Meanwhile, irrigation in California's Central Valley intensifies rainfall, storms across Southwest.   Once again, local human activity has a regional climate impact.

And also in the US,  more severe flu seasons predicted due to climate change.  Allegedly .....   It seems milder winters mean less people get flu meaning more people get flu the next winter .....  Okay.  If you say so.


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