18th January - Today's News: Record High Temperatures in Australia

"Last summer only saw the mercury reach a top of 33.4 degrees, and [the city] recorded just two days over 30. On average, the city typically reaches 40 degrees once every three summers, although this year has seen an unusually hot start.

And Canberra sets new record for January temperature, though it was only the second hottest day on record for the Capital.

The other main news today of course is the heavy snow across Wales and a large part of England.  About an inch so far here, as I write, but it's expected to continue all day ....

Heavy snow sweeps into Wales and the West Country with up to a foot on the way

No doubt much more on the disruption this causes in tomorrow's blog

But up in the Highlands, Cairngorm ski resort needs fake snow to keep it open - though they seem to have plenty of natural snow there at the moment, with levels in the area down below 1,000ft

And an earthquake near Loughborough shakes East Midlands - oddly, I woke around the time it struck but I think that's just coincidence as there are no reports it was felt in Worcestershire.


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