14th January - Today's News: Winter's First Snowfall in Evesham and Tokyo

We finally got some snow in Evesham early this morning - probably about 2cm, but it quickly started melting and as I write it's now raining .....   Britain wakes up to snow with more to come.  Places further east may well see more snow through today, but so far it's not presented any problems.  The end of the week looks potentially interesting with uncertainty as to how well Atlantic fronts will push eastwards across Britain, into the cold air that we'll be seeing over the next few days.

A subject of discussion for a few years in internet forums, sudden stratospheric warming responsible for UK's icy blast - although in fact the effects of the SSW haven't really been seen as yet and although the coming week looks like being cold, it still doesn't look like being anything unusual for January. 

UK tidal power has huge potential, scientists say - and it's more reliable and less obstrusive than wind

And finally, David Rose proves himself to be unfit for purpose as once again the Mail publishes a false story once again claiming global warming stopped 16 years ago - despite the Met Office and others having fully refuted the lies previously published by this and other newspapers.  Replicating stories which they know to be false, and omitting to correct previous 'errors' is clearly in contravention of the Editor's Code of Practice and may arguably even constitute fraud. 

(and incidently, Rose doesn't seem to know what the term denier means nor the context under which it is used - ignorance?  Or just another lie ..... )

Rather than present his own biased and ill-informed opinions as facts, Rose might have done better to have emulated Leo Hickman in the Guardian who, on asking global warming: has the rise in temperatures 'paused' elicited the views of various scientists and other experts.  And reached a somewhat different conclusion.


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