26th January - Today's News: Tornadoes & Record Rainfall Hit Queensland

Meanwhile, in Evesham we ended up with zero snowflakes and just 1.6mm of rain from last night's system, though other parts of the country did get a lot of snow:  mountain rescue teams called in to help motorists trapped in cars on M6 for eight hours after heavy snow  whilst in Wales, flooding hits west, snow hits north.   In Scotland, Arctic chill to thaw at weekend and across Britain, the big freeze is over, but heavy rain and thawing snow could bring floods to many more parts over the coming days. 

Is global warming less extreme than feared?  New research from Norway suggests likely temp rises will be less the currently predicted.  Having often questioned whether predictions took into account all the various anthropogenic and natural forcings (some of which are negative) I'm inclined to think that they may be right .... but it's still getting warmer.  Not colder!

And in Italy, earthquake hits near Bologna


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