16th January - Today's News: Soot a Major Contributor to Global Warming

Winter has arrived.  A cold frosty morning in Evesham with low cloud and a few tiny flakes of snow  and likely to remain close to freezing all day.   Just a precursor of what's to come  Friday with this winter's biggest snowfall on the way this weekend and a risk it may remain cold through next week as well.

Sadly, similar conditions with low cloud in London has resulted in a tragedy as  two die in helicopter crane crash in Vauxhall, London - we can only hope that there are no further victims under the debris as this occurred in a busy street in the morning rush hour. 

So far, the east has been hardest hit as snow shuts hundreds of Norfolk schools - scenes to be replicated across the country in the coming days

2012 was in top 10 warmest on record - the 9th warmest in fact.   shouldn't be be getting colder though?  All natural factors point that way ....... How odd!

And when it comes to climate change: soot's role underestimated, study says.   Not underestimated by me: I've long said it's a significant anthropogenic factor, and moreover one which we can deal with much more readily than we can carbon emissions.


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