15th July - Today's News: The Heat Is On

Saturday saw 31.6c in my back garden (30.8c at Pershore College); a little cooler at 29.1c on Sunday.  Currently indications are that across the south of Britain the heatwave will persist for at least another 10 days with temps typically in the 26-28c range inland, and a good chance on most days that that somewhere may see 30c+.   Temps not quite on a par with July 2006 but certainly the 'best' heatwave we've had since then.  It could be the longest hot spell in a decade - especially if, as I suspect, any cooler weather, currently indicated by models as setting in towards the end of the month (if it occurs - and I'm not yet convinced it will)  is just temporary.  As we've seen in recent years, once patterns get established they become very hard to shift.  All due to a weaker jet stream.

The hottest place on Sunday was Bournemouth which recorded 31c as Bournemouth beach attracts 120,000 visitors in heatwave - good news at least for those involved in the tourist industry, especially after a run of relatively poor summers.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, drought fears as long, hot summer continues into another week
And it looks like the weather was a factor as two servicemen die on training exercise in Brecon Beacons


And no, this is not an 'April Fool' .... is powered water the cure for drought and famine?


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