23rd July - Today's News: Storms Follow Hottest Day for 7 years

Well that was fun!   First decent thunderstorm in ages - even saw some CG lightning.   With varying intensity it lasted the best part of 3 hours and produced over 28mm of rain. Storms follow hottest day for years and plenty of pictures in the Daily Mail as summer ends with a bang (although summer is far from over!)

Rescue teams in China's quake-hit Gansu - death toll currently 94

New Zealand tectonic fault larger than thought

David Shukman asks why has global warming stalled?  I ask, who says it has?   Meanwhile a long piece by Andrew Neil on Ed Davey climate change interview critics.

Oh, and in other news, someone had a baby yesterday .....  Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wales and welcome to our future King.


  1. The Shukman article was on a briefing by several climate scientists (inc. Piers Forster and Ed Hawkins) with the SMC (Science Media Center). The Telegraph and Mail also covered it.

    Here's the briefing note: http://www.sciencemediacentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/SMC-Briefing-Notes-Recent-Slowdown-in-Global-Temperature-Rise.pdf (pdf)

    Dana Nuccitelli has responded to Andrew Neil's piece here:



  2. More here too: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/news/recent-pause-in-warming


  3. More on the "pause" articles.
    This is interesting and very worth a read: http://www.sciencemediacentre.org/communicating-the-slowdown/

  4. Last one: http://www.climate-lab-book.ac.uk/2013/recent-slowdown/



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