31st July - Today's News: TS Flossie Hits Hawaii, but not N Carolina ....

After attracting widespread scorn, a laughably erroneous weather story in IBT has been removed.   The journalist responsible did genuinely appear to think that weekend rain and floods in North Carolina were caused by (Pacific) Tropical Storm Flossie!    And we thought UK media weather stories were bad.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Flossie downgraded from storm; Hawaii rainy, windy

Arizona officials weigh 'stupid motorist law' for tour bus driver in flood - I wish we had a similar law in this country, if only for the idiots who deliberately drive into floods in Britain every year.....

Last weekend saw record rainfall for Philadelphia, flooding for entire region

Rare atmospheric phenomemon over Armagh - a sprite!

Tornadoes and floods strike across Sweden

Czechs hit pools and swimming holes on hottest day of year
at the weekend, whilst storms hit across France

And where W&ESN leads, the BBC follow, reporting that China issues heat alert as 'hottest July' hits Shanghai - which was of course the headline story on W&ESN yesterday morning .....   And that's not the first time the British media have picked up a weather newsstory after it was first highlighted here.   Probably coincidence ....... or is it?

The latest from China today is that heat wave hits crisis levels

Australian cities enjoy their warmest July on record

Contrary to some reports on the internet, North Pole not flooded ... but lots of melting in the Arctic

Climate study reports a watery future for New York, Boston and Miami

RSPB Scotland in bid to raise north bog's standard - although it has to be pointed out that the Flow Country is at least partly a man-made landscape: previously covered in trees until the arrival of humans who burned the trees and gazed livestock which, coupled with a change to a wetter climate, enabled the spread of the huge area of raised bog we see today.   Meanwhile, in the Cairngorms, the RSPB's plans to expand forest come under fire.  Whilst I respect the opinion of experts like Adam Watson, I do wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye.  Is it really an issue for the Ramblers Association to be getting involved in?   As an aside, my own little Coille Easain has come on in leaps and bounds since a handful of birch, rowan (and one oak which sadly was destroyed by vandals) were planted at Essan in 1989 - with dozens of self-seeded trees now growing where for decades previously there had been none, despite deer still appearing to frequent the area in winter, albeit maybe not so much as they used to (due to increased human presence).   We even have a healthy self-seeded holly tree growing.   Just need some scots pine now....


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