24th JUly - Today's News: Lightning Strikes and Flash Floods Across England

Heavy rain causes flooding in Nottinghamshire where they had over a month's worth fall in a day (67.8mm) - closer to home, Pershore saw 56.4mm - also over a month's worth of rain - fall yesterday,  twice as much as fell a few miles away in Evesham (we had 28.5mm).  Meanwhile, lightning 'explodes' church tower in Ramsbottom and the usual photos from the Daily Mail as spectacular storms across Britain destroy homes

And rather interesting to see that UK forests still feeling the impacts of 1976 drought (though that should of course be the 1975-76 drought)

 Tropical ecosystems regulate variations in Earth's carbon dioxide levels - but what happens when the tropical ecosystem has all been turned into palm oil plantations ......

Climate change slowdown is due to warming of deep oceans, say scientists.   A misleading article because I'm not aware that they are saying that at all - only that the continuing warming of the oceans is a sign that, contrary to what some would have us believe - global warming has not stopped.  Surface temperatures vary according to a variety of factors (not just CO2 levels - whatever that Denial Squad claim!) whereas deep oceans are not so affected.

Wind farm companies warn against wild land ban in Scotland- so will Salmond listen to the people or mammon?  Will he put his personal desire, pride and wealth before the Land?   Is he a man or a brainwashed mouse unfit to rule a grubby toilet?  Time will tell.

And the greening of the Earth pushed way back in time - some form of life may have existed on land 2.2 billion years ago.... 


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