6th July - Today's News: Heatwaves Hit Britain & NE USA

Summer has arrived in Britain and, across the south at least, looks set to stay for some considerable time.  Temperatures are predicted to get close to 30c in the Home Counties, and perhaps across towards Worcestershire on Sunday (my garden, for example) though it may turn just slightly cooler through next week.   But it's agony for hay fever sufferers as temperatures oar to 30c

Arctic sea ice cover is smaller, younger, thinner - although extent is so far greater than this time last year. a record melt by September would be no surprise

And showing the Irish really are daft as a brush, Republic of Ireland time zone change considered by Parliament - shifting to Alpha (central European) Time would mean that Belmullet, for example, would see the sun set in June at 11.15pm (and therefore be daylight until well after 'mignight') - but not rise in December until 10am .....   I'm sure Irish mothers will love that!


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