19th July - Today's News: The Heat Goes On

2 weeks into the heatwave and at last the end is in sight - although not for another week.  And it looks like we could see a nice thundery breakdown - which apart from anything else will bring some much needed rain (and maybe some flash flooding).   But that's not till next week.  For now, heatwave takes hold with Britain on wildfire alert - that figure of 15% average rainfall presumably applies to the UK as a whole: many places have seen no rain at all so far this month.   There's also fire and health warnings as hot weather continues in Scotland  - something not mentioned there is that hillwalkers also need to be aware that many smaller burns will have dried up, meaning fewer sources of fresh water on the hill.

In Peterborough, rare'dust devil' photographed at Posh stadium

Meanwhile, over in the USA, hot weather stuck in reverse over East

And there is worry over media coverage of Scotland mountain deaths - especially last winter's avalanche fatalities


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