5th July - Today's News: Foot of Hail Falls in New Mexico

Now that's what I call a thunderstorm: over a foot of hail swamps New Mexico town

More details emerging on the Yarnell Hill tragedy where 19 firefighters died from Cliff Mass's weather blog and Climate Central.   Sadly, it appears the disaster could have been avoided had meteorological insight been provided at the time.  Meanwhile, the fire rages on although deadly Arizona fire nearly half-contained, say officials.

Summer arrives in Britain (about time, some say!) with heatwave to last until mid-July in England and Wales, say forecasters - though it may turn more unsettled in Scotland before then.  I have a feeling that it may be longer than that though.  Models do not handle strong blocks over the UK very well and invariably suggest them breaking down sooner than actually occurs.   This could be a record breaker, or at least one on par with 2006.

And finally, well done to this lot!  Walkers aim to beat rare disease (yes, that's me on the right of the pitcure) - took me 13 and a half hours to get from Bewdley to the pub in Malvern, and I'm just glad it was last Saturday, not this Saturday!


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