22nd July - Today's News: The CIA Investigates Geoengineering

Here in Britain, National Farmers' Union issues grass fires warning as hot weather continues but there are  storms expected after temperatures peak early in week - though it still looks like remaining quite warm in the south until at least the weekend.   Meanwhile, in Scotland, as sunbathers sizzle in 32c temperatures on the beach .... there's snow in the hills - a nice scene from Loch Morlich, where the temperature actually reached 29.6c

After Melbourne saw it's warmest July day on record on Thursday, weekend coldest in 13 years.   And meanwhile rains bring welcome relief for farmers in Tasmania

And the tin foil hats will love this:  CIA spooks investigate geoengineering to fix climate (the Independent headline on this story is more conspiratorial in nature - and slightly misleading.  The CIA are simply providing a part of the funding for this study, their interests being not in controlling the weather themselves (and nothing in this study is about controlling the weather anyway), but what security implications there might be, should it be feasible to use geoengineering to counter global warming)


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