2nd July - Today's News: US Heatwave Spreads

Meanwhile, record-toppling heat heads north, and it's 'just going to get hotter' - 129.6f was recorded in Death Valley on Sunday, the USA's highest ever recorded June temperature.  The world record hasn't broken yet though.

Nat Geo have quite a good interview with Martin Tingley, from Harvard Uni on what's behind the heat wave: climate change or weather?

A warmer than average July ahead, predicts Met Office - I may even beat the 29.6c recorded in my garden during the "cold, wet" July we had last year ...... !  It does look like being a very dry month, which after only half the normal rainfall here in June, and with only May this year producing just above average rainfall, may not be a good thing long term.  Hopefully clear night skies will give a chance of seeing the mysterious summer clouds of the night - aka nocties

And cloud behaviour expands habitable zone of alien planets orbiting red dwarfs - there could be 60 billion such planets in this galaxy alone


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