14th January - Today's News: Australian Heatwave Spreads to SE

South-east Australia sizzles as heatwave takes hold with temperatures of 45c in Adelaide and 42c in Melbourne and records tumble as mercury rises in Tasmania to give parts of the island their warmest January day on record

A brief video from South Carolina as record breaking winds tear down US house that was under construction

Some interesting tales of a largely forgotten war as melting glaciers in northern Italy reveal corpses of WW1 soldiers

Half a million in Kosovo facing water shortage due, in part, to a very dry winter

Global warming 'pause' isn't what skeptics say it is (in fact, it isn't really there at all ....)

And finally, Piers Corbyn's December forecast is now online and reveals, as expected, that whilst he did forecast some stormy periods for Britain in December (mainly for Scotland though), he missed the worst period - 21-24 December - entirely, suggesting rather calm, mostly dry, weather instead.  No mention at all of floods!  It was entirely useless for anyone planning holiday travel or anything else.  But at least everyone else forewarned the public....  And I still have no idea why he thinks the storm he forecast for 31 Dec-1 Jan was the one on the 3rd Jan rather than that on the 1st Jan (the one storm which, ironically, he did forecast with some degree of accuracy!)


  1. What I find amusing about Piers Corbyn's acolytes, as shown by their comments on his site, is their willingness to overlook his failures. Still, with his "100% moderated and troll free" site, dissent is obviously not allowed.

    1. Indeed - he won't post any of my comments any more because I have the audacity to sometimes question the veracity of his forecasts (and, indeed, his bizarre attacks on the MetO and other professional forecasters). But I do pop over once a week to laugh at his acolytes' comments!

  2. So do I. I notice there's no mention of the current heatwave in Australia, which perhaps doesn't fit the idea of a Little Ice Age!

    1. Aye, strange that, isn't it ..... :D


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