21st January - Today's News: Chinese Scientists Record Ball Lightning on Video

Great balls of lightning! Bizarre glow that has eluded scientists for centuries is captured on video for the first time - ball lightning has of course been seen, and possibly filmed, many times before, but never under scientific circumstances.

Temperatures hit -41c in Swedish cold snap  - which is quite chilly even for them.  Here, we've had 3 air frosts in a row in Evesham - so it does at last feels almost like winter.  No sign of snow - although at times this week the rain will be quite cold and could just possibly be a little sleety.   Once again, the Americans pinch the proper wintry weather as another snow storm threatens commuter disruption on US east coast

There is snow in the Scottish hills though where one fortunate walker survives huge avalanche in Cairngorms whilst Cairngorm plunge survivor Ollie Daniel  speaks of ordeal after he plunged through a cornice on Sunday.

In NZ, cyclone's tail packs a windy punch on North Island


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