7th January - Today's News: 'Life Threatening' Cold Hits US with 'Frost Quakes' in Canada

In the US, deep freeze closes schools, grounds flights as North America arctic blast creeps east and plenty of pictures in the Mail as coldest temperatures recorded in 20 years whilst Canadians experience jolting 'frost quakes' as temperatures plunge

So, with all this cold, is global warming a myth?  No.  Not least because only a part of North America is colder than usual.  Everywhere else isn't.

Flood warnings continue for much of Britain as Welsh coast battered again but storms ease and flood alert for Northern Ireland's coastal areas passes - whilst winds should now moderate, more rain is expected, especially in the south where many rivers are already in flood (the Avon is up by nearly 3 feet over it's normal level and it could be days before it drops, though to be fair this is still only 'normal winter flood' level)

Meanwhile, dramatic evidence of the shattering power of the waves: As storms continue to lash Britain, a huge chunk of Cornwall is reduced to rubble overnight (lots of wave and flood pictures too)

Avalanche forecaster's images show Cairngorm's whiteout - or rather, how quickly you can be encased in snow in a blizzard.  No white-out to be seen!


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