28th January - Today's News: Heavy Snow For British Ski Resorts

Freeze frames: where is has snowed for weeks - the predominantly westerly weather patterns this winter have brought good snow to higher ground in the Highlands, but little if any elsewhere and the pattern looks like persisting through February now, with more flooding in the south, but probably plenty more snow to come for the likes of Glencoe and Cairngorm.   Cold settled weather is actually not good for the ski resorts in Britain and this wet, windy and for the most part mild winter could be one of the best ever for the Scottish centers.  And belated snowfall boosts Bulgaria's ski resorts.  But spare a thought for those in America where ski resorts seen as buyout targets amid US West drought - whilst the NE has seen snow, the Sierra Nevada have not.
Chicago nearing 30-year deep freeze record

Avalanche blocks only road leading to Alaskan port city of Valdez

And once-in-a-generation winter storm descends on Deep South - just further rubbing it in for us in mild wet Britain.

It's not clear when this happened, possibly during the squall on Saturday?  Peterborough 'flying shed': man injured sheltering from storm

Extreme weather in 2013 leads to an increase in RNLI rescues

Heat returns to Melbourne, persist in northern Victoria

Asian ozone pollution in Hawaii is tied to climate variability

And year-round Arctic ice cooled Earth earlier than thought - sea ice now appears to have started forming in winter 44my and become perennial by 36my


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