29th January - Today's News: Record Warmth in Alaska as US Deep South Hit by Cold and Snow

More rain, more flooding to come for Britain though, with February showing no signs of bringing any change in the unsettled and wet weather and more storms set to batter parts of UK.   Whilst Scotland's weather: heavy snow expected on Friday

Meanwhile farmers urged by WWF to do more to prevent flooding.   And Sod's Weather Law* says we'll be worrying about water shortages before the year is out.

* Sod was a Neolithic farmer who noticed that whenever there was a spell of one particular type of weather causing problems - such as prolonged heavy rain leading to flooding - everyone would run around panicing and demanding that 'they' should do more to  improve flood defences.  As soon as 'they' started spending all the villages' resources on clearing ditches and building levees, the weather pattern would change, a drought would set in,  and before you knew it, everyone was running around panicing and demanding that 'they' should stop wasting money on unnecessary flood defences and do something to preserve water supplies so that they could water their crops and livestock and have their annual bathe.   Of course, as soon as all the villages' resources were diverted to building reservoirs, there would be a bitterly cold and snowy winter whereupon everyone started running around panicing and asking why 'they' hadn't made more snow clearing shovels,  stockpiled more salt from them funny mining folks in Cheshire and indeed, why were they wasting time and energy digging a silly reservoir when what everyone really needed was more wood for the fire  ......  

It's been a gloomy month here too, and across in Denmark which has seen the lowest amount of January sunshine for 26 years


  1. The idea to store water on farmland is a good one though. It will provide a water source, for the farmland, in times of drought. Also, if the farmer practised methods that reduced run-off, the soil moisture content and aquifer levels would benefit.


  2. Aye, good point Adam - done right, flood prevention measures can also be drought prevention measures. But that's far too sensible for anyone in this country!


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