18th January - Today's News: More Flooding Hits SE England

Flood warnings in place across the South East again, and even in Evesham we've now already had around 15% more rain than average for the whole of January - with 2 whole weeks still to go.  And nearly 50 of Britain's key wildlife sites hit in flooding over the past few weeks.

Australians flee deadly wildfire so fierce 'it is creating own weather' whilst freelance photographer captures spectacular images of Adelaide's biggest skyshow - now that's lightning!

Winter finally arrives in parts of Europe as snow deluge causes travel chaos in Warsaw 

It's a long, long time since I looked at Lloyds List, but the insurance industry newspaper as an interesting and informative piece on the consequences of recent weather as Europe sodden after storm cluster

Smog has been an on-going story in the Balkans this winter as stagnant smog leaves Kosovo capital choking

Whilst in another country often beset by the same problem,  smog in China prompts authorities to display sun on giant screens

And if you think there's no harm in dropping an empty plastic bottle into the sea, think again, and take a look at these pictures as banks of Loch Long covered in rubbish after storm


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