24th January - Today's News: Record Low of +15.6c in Bangkok

In Thailand, record lows kill 63, destroy rice crop - though worth remembering that the record minimum of 15.6c in Bangkok would still be a very warm summer's night in Britain ....

Freak snow storm hits parts of Huddersfield and brings town to halt - well it is winter!  Looks like some places could see some snow next week, though at the moment doesn't look like being much or long lasting.  Still no sign of any prolonged cold, or, indeed, settled weather - with rain this weekend likely to bring more flood problems.

Russia Winter Olympics: conditions at Sochi games 'appalling' as snow 'disappears' but even in Arizona, snow is a no-show in Flagstaff - lots of places not getting their usual snowfall this year!

Heat indez in Buenos Aires reaches 46.8c as Argentina continues to swelter

Lord Rooker: 'planting trees could stop flooding' - wow, a politician making a common sense suggestion!


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