6th January - Today's News: Floods Affect Travel Again

Weather hits travel as many return to work with some great pictures in the Mail as stormy weather wreaks havoc on roads and rail - although sadly they continue to perpetuate the myth that we've had the 'worst storm(s) for 20 years': that's a misinterpretation of an item from the Met Office who reported that December was the windiest month since 1993.  Not quite the same thing.  

Meanwhile today in Wales, more evacuations under way ahead of storm with more coastal flooding possible, in NI a flood warning for parts of Belfast and Ards peninsular whilst Atlantic swell sparks surf concerns for Devon and Cornwall.  And there's an orange alert along Atlantic coast of France.  Winds are expected to ease after today and there are currently no more severe storms expected, though it's not going to be especially cold or settled.

And flood-hit UK must prepare for more extreme weather, says climate adviser (worth noting that over the past few colder winters I'd been predicting a return to mild but very wet and windy winters - partly down to sod's law (with all the fuss about spending money on be prepared for snow) and partly because patterns do change and I felt we were about 'due' a shift from snow and ice to floods and gales again).  I daresay if we have another couple of stormy winters in the next few years, all concern about snow and ice will be forgotten as we clambour for better flood protection.  Whereupon we'll have a record cold and snowy winter .... )

Oh, and it seems Piers Corbyn is adamant that the storm he predicted for the period 31st Dec - 2nd Jan was not the one we had on the 1st Jan, but the one on the 3rd Jan.   I'm not sure if even he knows why .....   Once his December forecasts are loaded on his website I'll be taking a look at how accurate he's been with this recent run of storms.

And it's good to see I'm not the only one who thinks this naming of every single storm is a tad ridiculous as the Buffalo News complains godlike storm names make jest of weather


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