3rd January - Today's News: Tidal Surge Hits SW & Western Britain

Homes evacuated as storm surge hits UK with 30ft waves expected - the West and SW worst affected as the latest storm coincides with the highest tides of the year and a long fetch.  High volumes of water currently heading downstream after recent rain and floods exasperate the problem.  As I write, people trapped in their homes in Cardigan as tidal surge hits and the tide is surging up the Severn with evacuations at Minsterworth (where the river is just below it's highest ever recorded level) - and concern no doubt in Gloucester.   The risk extends to more northern location through today where there's a warning of Northern Ireland floods and  tidal surge 'could cause flooding' in Scotland.   No doubt plenty of pictures tomorrow.

(Worth noting that Piers Corbyn forecast a North Sea Storm surge to hit the east coast and Low Countries after the New Year's Day storm - I wonder if he'll claim this completely different storm affecting Altantic coasts as another false 'success'.  I bet he does!)

Queensland heatwave pushes mercury to new highs as the BoM surprise no-one by announcing Australia saw hottest year on record in 2013


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