15th May - Today's News: Indian Heatwave Hits 45c

It's been a disappointingly cold start to the month as snow and frost bring winter chill to May, but good news for some as 'ice-cream' weather forecast for next week with highs above 20c. Which is typical for late May ..... Says something when normal weather for the time of year makes headline news! But it's a popular topic of conversation as Britons spend six months talking about the weather. It's not clear whether that's six months a year or six months every half year .....

It's even warmer further north with the first spell of summery weather to arrive in Finland this weekend producing temps as high as 25c. But all that's nothing to India where earlier this week Hydrabad reels under Sun's gaze and a maxima of 44c - the highest since May 1999. Whilst fried 'day' at 45 degree C is Ahmedabad's hottest since 2005.

An update on the Oklahoma tornadoes: two upgraded from EF3 to EF4

As Eyja continues to look impressvely active (but so far no signs of Katla joining the show), Europe may use American rules on volcanic ash (some might well ask why they didn't adopt such rules before!), but a word of warning as plane makers secret memo to airline pilots says ash can cause total engine failure in just 1 minute. And a breaking update this afternoon: UK, Germany eye possible ash travel disruptions - something those of us watching developments in Iceland have been fully expecting for a few days now.

It's been suggested that ball lightning may be all in your head - just like "rocks falling from the sky" were dismissed as simply ignorant peasant imaginations?

As global temperatures rise, world's lizards are disappearing - Well, some Mexican ones anyway. And just how much warmer has their habitat become compared with any time in the past few thousand years? Is GW really the most probable explanation? Or maybe there's another reason .....

Rising carbon emissions threaten crop yields and food security - basically the more CO2 in the atamosphere, the more nitrogen plants need .....


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