24th May - Today's News: Warmest Weekend of the Year for Britain?

So Lost has come to an end ....... and we are no nearer to knowing anything about the Island ..... which turns out to have just been a plot device so that the various characters could find some meaning and purpose to their lives, thus enabling them to cross from Limbo to Heaven after they died.

I have no such worries - my meaning and purpose in life is to moan about the weather. Hot weather, anyway. 29.4c in my garden yesterday and that could yet be the highest temp we get to this year, depending on how warm it gets today ...... Though I do expect a few more warm spells through the summer, they won't necessarily be quite so warm so widely. In the meantime, Britain basks in hot weather, but it won't last.

Rain, gales, set to batter NZ for days

In Taiwan, torrential rain cuts off roads in mountains

Climate change concern declines in poll

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano reduces activity

Why do Earth's storm tracks differ from those on Jupiter?


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