22nd May - Today's News: Sky News Ditches Weather Forecasters

25.7c in my garden yesterday - warmest day since 20th August last year. Could well be even warmer today and tomorrow ....

Sky News ditches weather forecasters - Francis Wilson is, of course, most famous for his appearance on Tull's 1979 album Stormwatch

In India, rain causes great misery as Cyclone Laila weakens into a depression

Cloudy with a chance of danger: airplanes v ash is a sober summarisation of the situation facing airlines - and rightly points out that criticism levied against the Met Office is unfounded. Eyfa has now quietened down again. Although there have recently been a few more small earthquakes reported in the vincinity of her big sister Katla ..... Too soon to say whether this is a sign the magma is seeking a new, more explosive, exit point.

Ocean stored significant warming over last 16 years according to a new study. Although the team notes that there are still some uncertainties and some biases.

Northeast Florida, southeast Georgia having the hottest, driest May for 5 years

Eruption of Hawaii volcano reaches 10,000 days

Rain, flood kill 26 in Sri Lanka

Polish flood death toll rises to nine

Eurasian glacier come under scrutiny with94% of those in the Caucasus retreating at between 8 and 30 metres per year.


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