19th May - Today's News: European Flood Death Toll Rises

In Europe, the flood death toll rises to nine as British soldiers offer Czechs helicopters for flood aid.

When all hail breaks loose: Oklahoma City is pummeled in freak Spring storm (the Daily Mail may be unreliable and like sensational headlines, but they do also sometimes have some great pictures!)

Delhi records highest minimum temperature in 5 years

Scotland basks in 'summer slavo' - it actually hit 21c in the NW Highlands yesterday, though there was also an air frost first thing. Should be warmer still at the weekend - with ski-ing still good on Cairngorm to boot! Don't forget the sunscreen!

Cyclone Laila strengthens, nears India's east coast

Greenland rapidly rising as ice melt continues

Volume and depth of world's oceans calculated - the answer (to the first, anyway) is 1.332 billion cubic kilometers. That's quite a lot!

Climate change played major role in mass extinction of mammals 50,000 years ago - according to a new study which presumably means the coincidental spread of humans at exactly the same time, and the fact previous similar or more extreme climate changes did not cause such extinctions is just, er, coincidence? I stick with the complex rather than the simple: a combination of factors with humans being the additional one that pushed a depleted population over the edge. In some cases perhaps literally.


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