29th May - Today's News: Girl Killed by Tornado in Germany

Nearly missed this, from earlier this week: a six year old girl has been killed as tornadoes wreak havoc in eastern Germany meanwhile the discovery of 2 more bodies means Poland flood toll 18, worst seen over.

Cool and showery? Must be time for a hosepipe ban

NSW braces for severe weather

At Broughty Ferry in Scotland, historic church spire damaged by lightning strike

Guatemala declares emergency as volcano erupts

Planetary scientists solve 40 year mystery of Mars' northern ice cap

Scientists detect huge carbon 'burp' that helped end last ice age - or maybe not. There was no sudden increase in CO2 preceding the termination of the last or any previous Glacial ...... And I personally doubt CO2 plays any significant role in the start or end of Glacial cycles, though it may be a lesser, contributory, factor.

In the foothills of the Himalaya Shimla records hottest day in 170 years while dozens die as heatwave bakes India

Royal Society to publish guide on climate change to counter claims of 'exaggeration'

Huge air pollution study underway in California


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