7th May - Today's News: Storms, Possible Tornado, Leave at Least 39 Dead in China

Severe weather in China, with varying reports on casualty numbers and causes - but with reports of tornadoes and heavy hailstorms, storms leave at least 39 dead in China.

Eyja continues to throw out ash, with the plume continuing to affect Irish and some Scottish airports sporadically. Looks like this will continue for some time. 'Massive' ash closing western Irish airports, although it was hoped that today all airports to reopen from 10am but there are predictions that volcanic ash chaos to return within days because of wind direction changes.

El Nino weakening as hurricane season nears

US storm toll rises to 30 with new death in Tenn.

British summer is advancing - not that you'd know it this year! Maximum temps could be pegged down nto single figures tomorrow .....

255 members of the National Academy of Sciences defend claime science integrity

Neanderthal genome reveals interbreeding with humans - although actually, Neanderthals are humans, a sub-species of homo sapiens just as modern man is.

And finally today, this months marks the 25th anniversary of the ozone hole ...!


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