18th May - Today's News: Warmest April on Record

Last month was the warmest April on record according to NOAA - whilst NASA data concurs with NOAA that to the end of April, 2010: warmest year on record. So much for global cooling! It was, however, a cold and wet month in China, and May doesn't seem much better for them as
storms cause havoc on Xinjiang
whilst a new round of torrential rains pound Chinese regions

20c in my garden yesterday afternoon and looks like the next few days will be even warmer - though as the end of May bank holiday approaches temperatures are looking set to fall back below average in many places. And, apart from the last bank holiday weekend, it's been quite a dry month. Not so in parts of the Continent though: floods kill 6 as rain batter Europe and severe weather hits various parts of Slovakia.

New Scientist has a special report on living in denial - sobering reading for us catastrophic global cooling deniers .... !

Yet again there are new rules to aid ash flight chaos - and no doubt when these prove inadequate and flights are cancelled again, the airline industry will demand yet more changes ..... Or course, they have no reason not to have had these rules in place last year. Except their own incompetence. Meanwhile Ryanair's chief joins Branson and Wild Willy in making a complete arse of himself in public but blaming everything on 'out-dated' Met Office models ...... I do hope he never uses any other Met Office data? Or, indeed, any supplied by Meteogroup, NOAA, the French, German and indeed every other professional meteorological organisation on the planet. All of whom also use computer models in their forecasts. I suggest instead he relies on Pier Corbyn for info on jet stream speed and direction in future. Or else accept he's an ignorant hypocrit. Meanwhile, it's been estimated that the Iceland volcano has spewed 250 million cubic metres of ash so far. And shows no signs yet of slowing down.


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