26th May - Today's News: Beavers Blamed for Polish Floods

As the toll from Poland flooding rises it's being claimed beavers responsible for Poland's flooding - and that's not all, it's partly the water voles' fault as well ..... ! Or are they just convenient scapegoats for inadequately maintained flood defences?

Hot weather prompts rise in police calls

Eurostar's 'whatever the weather' advert banned due to snow chaos - presumably their new ad will read 'whatever the weather so long as it's not cold, snowy or too hot ..... '

South Island rain eases off - some parts of NZ have had 200mm since Monday - while in Australia heavy rain causes flooding across NSW

In India, heatwave, storms kill 88

Global warming 'makes Everest harder to climb' - though given the time, money, some basic skills and fitness, and luck with the weather, these days anyone can make it to the top.

Met Office sees active Atlantic storm season

Is Iceland Volcano winding down at last? Well, it looks that way. Will big sister Katla wake up? That still remains to be seen.

Saving rain forests may help reduce poverty

Don't move to Seattle .... odds are about 1-in-3 that mega-earthquake will hit Pacific Northwest in next 50 years

Why ice ages don't last forever - a good article though I'm unsure CO2 is quite the significant factor they think it might be.


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