28th May - Today's News: 4 Struck by Lightning in Lake District

Four injured in lightning strikes in Cumbria. Whilst it's not unknown for hillwalkers to be struck by lightning, it is unusual to have 3 separate incidents occuring from the same storm. If you're caught in a storm on the hill, get down off the ridge, avoid prominent crags and caves, remove your rucksack and crouch down on the grass until the storm has passed.

In Toronto, soaring temperatures smash city weather records however Calgarians told to brace for more snow!

US predicts busy hurricane season (the UK Met Office having already said the same) but there are also suggestions that Deepwater spill could affect hurricane season - though in what way is not entirely certain!

In Europe, flood spares Warsaw, Brandenburg on alert whilst Germany extends shipping ban on Oder as flood waters rise and in the south of Poland horror revealed as flood water clears

More flooding worries in New Zealand where they've had one month's rain in a day and the weather drama continues in South Island as snow follows the rain.

Electric ash found in Iceland plume, miles from volcano whilst the effect of volcano on jet engines being tested. Eyja is still pretty quite at the moment and despite a few earthquakes, there's yet no sign of Katla wakening.

And finally, the Met Office are predicting extreme droughts to be 'more common' - which, er, they've been predicting for years ....... Of course, whilst summer droughts become more common, so to may summer deluges. Just don't even think of trying to explain that to Joe Public!


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