21st May - Today's News: Climate Change Not Significant in Malaria Spread

Climate change is a 'distraction' on malaria spread - vindicating Paul Reiter and others who have been effectively saying this for years.

Britain to bask in Mediterranean weather on hottest weekend of the year - I think they mean so far ..... well, I guess most people hope so. Though with temps up to 28c forecast for Evesham on Sunday I'll be very happy if it is the hottest weekend of the year!

Fed up with the Met Office not micro-managing their forecast, Bournemouth launches own weather site - provided, I'm pleased to see, by my friends at Weathernet. Who produce a very good desktop calendar, btw.

Heavy rain swamps Oklahoma

In India, dust storm claims 9 lives in UP; mercury shoots up whilst Cyclone Lalia kills 23 in southern India


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