10th November - Today's news: One Dead as First WInter Snowstorms Hit Sweden

In Sweden there was one dead as snowstorms cause traffic havoc

After moderately heavy rain in parts of southern England yesterday, Hampshire and Isle of Wight flood homes evacuated and there were roads flooded after stormy night in Surrey and Sussex. Meanwhile, gale force winds batter Scotland and there's possibly worse to come tomorrow

In Cumbria, common sense prevails as Alston residents create community snowplough. And yes, I bet it is fun driving it!

Hurricane-like winds bother Sofia, Bulgaria, but on the up side, at the weekend there were record warm temperatures in Bulgaria

Bridge washes away in water-weary Nova Scotia

Weather delivers an early Utah ski season

In Thailand, flood-related deaths rise to 185, landslides continue to occur in south

Hurricane Tomas finally losing steam - but not before killing at least 21 in Haiti

Lloyds alerts businesses to space weather threats but don't worry, NASA are on the case as they launch the International Space Weather Initiative

Lightning bolt kills 'Wild at Heart' giraffe

Tesla will be pleased, plans are afoot for a low loss solution for transferring current from offshore wind farms: direct current.

There's been an increase in snow on glaciers in New Zealand

And in October, the US experienced above average temperature, below average rainfall according to NOAA


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