20th November - Today's News: More Flood Concerns in SW England

The risk of widespread snow, with daytime temperatures struggling to get much above freezing in some places, by next weekend, increases rather than decreases in this morning's model output, though nothing if ever guaranteed!

More overnight flooding confined to isolated areas of Devon (it's worth noting that as it stands, the monthly rainfall for Evesham is going to come in at well below average!) while Cornwall teams work overnight to prevent more flooding.

And after (unfair) criticisms of the Met Office for 'failing' to predict the floods in Cornwall earlier this week, Ewan McCallum points out that 'If we got the weather forecast right every time, we'd be God'.

In Canada, snow blankets Praries, heads east.

Indonesia flights resume as volcano slows
- odd how airlines have been happy to have flights cancelled for 2 whole weeks in Indonesia yet were up in arms after a couple of days in Europe earlier this year .....

NASA satellite captures huge Alaska winter dust storm


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